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Chit Chat Corner Shami Road Peshawar - Pukhtoogle

Chit Chat Corner Shami Road Peshawar - Pukhtoogle
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Contains miscellaneous photos of Peshawar, pashtuns and other day life pictures. (Hits: 7267)

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Peshawar Rain

Pepal Mandi Peshawar

Naway Ada Peshawar Bus Station

Maiz Wagi Peshawar

Lahori Sweet House Peshawar

Labour in Peshawar by Shabbir Hussain

Kolangi Fight Peshawar

Knife Vendor Peshawar by Sabestian Vander Vliet 2

Gul Bahar Flyover Peshawar

Dry Fruit Vendor Peshawar

Butcher Peshawar

Askari Peshawar

Aerial View Peshawar

Grey Francolin Fight in Peshawar - Pukhtoogle

Tasbeeh Vendor In Peshawar - Pukhtoogle

Rabab Maker Peshawar - Pukhtogle

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