Excise inspector killed in Peshawar

An excise inspector was killed when a remote-controlled bomb detonated in the Ghaniur Rehman Qala area of Peshawar on Saturday. The attack took place within the jurisdiction of Daudzai Police Station.

Police said that the bomb had been planted near the front gate of Haji Khaista Mir’s house. The bomb went off when he opened the gate in the morning, killing him on the spot.

“It was a remote controlled device of 6kg intensity which was planted near the main gate of the building. When Khaista, who was an excise inspector, opened it around 5am to go to the mosque for morning prayers, the bomb went off,” said DSP Riazul Islam.

Islam said that the relatives of the deceased had informed him that he had no personal enmity and it seemed to be an act of terrorism.

Daudzai, a suburb of Peshawar, lies adjacent to the Michni area of Mohmand Agency. The only border between the two areas is Kabul River, which militants cross by boats to reach the settled district.